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Filled with a hefty pack of music you can find in a click!

This page is going to be links to multiple albums (that you can download), and music that i'll post to share.

!!! In some future, some of these links would mostly be removed or gone !!!

Sophie's Floorboard

Sophie's Floorboard is a site filled with alot of experimental/underground bands and artists, most of the music files are in mp3 format


81Summer is another site filled with alot of chill, atmospheric, jazzy type of music, all/most files are in FLAC format

° Calf Music °

Calf Music is again a site that has access to alot of popular classic rock bands that (obviously) people know, all the files can be either mp3 or FLAC format

Radiohead Discography

A link to all the released albums of Radiohead, all albums are in FLAC

Terminal Passage

A youtube channel that posts alot of bands from the 60's to 80's funk, synth, psychedelic

Vapor Memory

Another yotube channel that posts alot of vaporwave, synthwave, or other genres included under those two

Harakiri Diat

Yet another youtube channel that posts alot of bands ranging from punk, to industrial and other types of genres

2019 Summer Break Playlist

A LENGTHY playlist of music i've listened throughout summer break



I expect this as a nonserious music share platform thingy, or whatever its called, but these links are really good and hidden so I really want to give these links some recognition. On the other thought, this is my very first html/css thingy, never done this before. Im surprisingly having fun learning html, its pretty satisfying to learn how to make my own webpage or such. The whole idea of Sound Canvas is to share music, thats pretty much it, and give some recognition to some of the artists that i've found and listened in. This can be anywhere to video game music to experimental. I don't really like some of the toxcicity on labeling things, debate over whats 'experimental' or such, it only depends on the listener's view on the 'norm' in music.